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Things Housemates Do That Makes You Either LOVE or HATE Them

September 6, 2017


Everything feels so normal and calm during your first few days stay with housemates. However, true colors will start coming up after the honeymoon period. They can bring either blessing or (sometimes) curse into the house. Here are some funny housemates whose action will just hit your roof.


1.  Writing that funny but serious, passive aggresive note.


Source : instagram


2.  And to more notes.


Source : chicagotheaterbeat


3.  An Optimistic Housemate



Source : instagram


4.  See him after class


Source : reddit


5.  Romantic Housemate



Source : Pinterest


6.  Or when your housemate can't cope with hotness



Source : Smosh



7.  B*tch is real



Source : PassiveAggressiveNotes



8.  Another B*tch



Source : Imgur

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