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7 Things To Consider Before Travelling With Housemates

September 7, 2017


Traveling with housemates means adventures, cocktails and jokes beyond the apartment. Although housemates should have known each others' personality well enough, they sometimes fail to communicate their expectation prior to the trip. This can result in arguments, and may even sacrifice friendship in the house.


To avoid disappointment and make the most of your fun times, you need to discuss these expectations before dragging your luggage.


1. A Free Spirit or A Detailed Planner?



Before penning down the itinerary, ask your housemates if they are a Free Spirit or a Detailed Planner. This is the most important question as you would want to avoid disagreement early in the planning stage. Establish where your housemates stand on this and work on the itinerary based on your findings. 


A free spirit only list the places to visit, how to get there and how long they will be staying in each place. For a detailed planner, itinerary means a specific plan, an hour by hour plan of what you'll be doing, where you'll be eating and where you'll be taking bathroom breaks (as strange as it sounds). There is no right or wrong planning method. If you can't come into an agreement, make a detailed plan for few days and save some days for free spirit journey.


2. Walking Speed


Walking speed is as important as it sounds. Walking too much can sometimes drain your energy and affect your moods. This is not much an issue if you are going to rely much on taxi or car. If you are going to commute a lot by walking, you might want to discuss this as you plan the itinerary. The key is being realistic. Or else, remind each other if some of you are walking too fast or exhausted during the trip. 


3. Nightlife or Sleeping Time?



Will you prefer experiencing the nightlife or conserving some energy for the next day? Your best case scenario is that everyone lies in one spectrum. If you decide to party hard, you might not be able to stick to your next morning schedule due to bad hangover. Let your housemates know if you cant make it such that their plan should still go on without you.


4. Die Die must go list



Everyone will have their own must-go list of places. List down all the places of interest. Plan your trip based on it, you and your housemates will then be able to arrange for accomodation and travelling way there. It is always better to manage your expectation early rather than be dissapointed later. If you can't cover all the places, sometimes it is about prioritising, compromising and making the most out of it.



5. Go for Luxury Hotel or Affordable Hostel



Ask your housemates about their budget. Would they go for luxury hotel or affordable hostel kind? Whichever you choose, it is about getting the value that you pay for it. Although hostel stay can be boring as it sounds, bring or plan some fun activities that you wouldnt normally do in house. How about some card games or moments of truth games?


6. What Excites You the Most?



Ask your housemates what excites them the most. It could be nice scenery, hiking secluded trails, eating local cuisine, meeting new people or combination of all. However, excitement for one might not be pleasant for others. Hence, establish a clear communication channel. Something as simple as saying, “If there’s ever anything bothering you during the trip, please don’t hesitate to tell me. I know we can work it out and have a great time,” can really have a big impact on everyone’s attitude. Keep all the excitements on mind and it will bring some positive energy while planning for the trip. 


7. Open to A New Food Experience?



Speaking of local cuisine, a new food experience might not taste like your everyday comfy food. Taste is one thing while your stomach tolerance is another important thing. You wouldnt want to suffer from stomach upset or food poisoning during your travel. Note your housemates' food preference, bring some medicine and be there when any of them not feeling well.


You are good to book your ticket! Now it's time to set who gonna clean the messy house after your trip. You'll find a rewarding lesson from it even with (or without) a plan. 



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