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5 Steps For Choosing The Right Room and Roommates

September 8, 2017


As a young adult, the fact is that we can't afford living alone in places we want to be. Room or flat sharing is the next best option, and sometimes hold the possibility of making new friends. However, there can also be a situation where you can't cope with the hygiene standard or your party-loving housemates.


While there is a room searching and roommates matching platform such as RoomRoom, here are some tips we suggest for a happy and functioning house:


1. Dont rush to pick your housemate/roommate

Time might not be on your side while searching for that person to occupy your empty room, however you should not rationalise living with the guy who can't clean his own sh*t. While many good people needing a place to live ASAP, those who look for room a month or two in advance, are also the kind of people who think ahead and pay their bill on time. Do your screening and don't jump into the decision hastily.


2. Gather as much information as you can

Find out more about your prospective roommate. It can be during room viewing or simple chat about working hour, hobbies, things to do on weekends and so on. If the responses are quite well, proceed with deeper question such as loud music, animal party, like being alone. These will be things to consider if you can live with them. While there is no perfect roommate, there is always a better one.  


3. Devil is in the details

If you are the person looking for a room, don't dismiss red flags during your viewing. You should pay attention to the house details such as dirty dishes in the sink, stack of empty beers in the bin or more than one game consoles attached to TV. There are also external factors to note such as busy road outside, noisy neighbour, construction work nearby. These things are likely to accompany you through out your next stay.


4. Honest talks

If you decide to stay with friends, come clean when it is necessary. Friendship can be destroyed after living together. Having good friends living together does not mean you should care less about their feelings. Treat them with respect. Sometimes, things can be as contentious as hygiene level or food sharing, as everyone has their own limit or perspective on it. Have a honest talk and get clear on what things are okay and not that okay.


5. Sign on black and white

After finding that person (you think you can) to live with, put those mutually agreed conditions in writing. Alternatively, you can find standard template for tenancy agreement. Putting the conditions in black and white won't cause any harm. You might need to enforce it should things go south.



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